Nasty Juice Salts 10ml


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Nasty Juice Salt available in either 20mg or 10mg:

ASAP GRAPE – Nasty Salt Asap Grape is a Black Grape With Mixed Berries.

BAD BLOOD – Nasty Juice Bad Blood Salts is a perfect blend and recreation of our famous Bad Blood 50ml. Moreover, Bad Blood is a delicious combination of sweet and ripened blackcurrants with subtle notes of mint.

BLOODY BERRY – Nasty Bloody Berry Salts is fresh, ripe raspberries combined with sweet and sour lemonade making this flavour perfect for all occasions along with it being the perfect all day vape.

CUSH MAN – Nasty Salt Cush Man Is Three Layers of Goodness from the finest mangoes around the world.

CUSH MAN BANANA – Nasty Cushman Banana is a sweet and rich blend, with a fruity taste. On inhale, a ripe and ever so slightly nutty banana flavour is paired with juicy-tasting mango and a low mint exhale, giving this e-liquid a cool and fresh finish.

DEVIL TEETH – Nasty Salts Devil Teeth is a delicious combination of ripe Honeydew Melon to satisfy your cravings.

FAT BOY – Nasty Fat Boy Salts is a delicious combination of sweet Green Mangos to tantalise your tastebuds.

GREEN APE – Nasty Green Ape Salts is A delicate mix of sweet and sour Green Apples to keep your taste buds on the edge.

HIPPIE TRAIL – Nasty Hippie Trail Salts is A refreshing true sweet citrus experience with juicy lemon and lime.

MENTHOL – Nasty Menthol Salts is a cold sensation with hints of sweetness providing you with a cool and refreshing taste.

SICKO BLUE – Nasty Sicko Blue Salts is a specially crafted flavour consisting of freshly plucked blue raspberries mixed with sweet ripe berries.

SLOW BLOW – Nasty Slow Blow Salts is Sweet Pineapple and Lime Soda fused together to bring one the best E-liquids in the market!

STARGAZING – Nasty Stargazing Salts is a freshly picked sweet ripe Blueberries for your all day vape furthermore, part of the berry series collection. Enjoy a sweet ripened blueberry with subtle notes of mint.

TRAP QUEEN – Nasty Trap Queen Salts is A thrillingly fresh and sweet Strawberry fruit vape. It will make you feel like you’re tasting freshly picked strawberries.

WICKED HAZE – Nasty Wicked Haze Salts is A mix of sweet blackcurrants blended together with freshly squeezed lemonade.

BRONZE BLEND – Nasty Salt Bronze Blend is a simple yet delicious blend of tobacco and caramel.

SILVER BLEND – Nasty Silver Blend Salts is An exquisite blend of tobacco with subtle hints of vanilla custard on every inhale.

SHISHA DOUBLE APPLE – Nasty Double Apple Salts is a delicious combination of sweet red apples, mixed together with sour green apples to tantalise your tastebuds.

SHISHA GRAPE RASPBERRY – Nasty Grape Raspberry Salts is Ripe Grapes were chosen specially for you, blended together with fresh, sweet and succulent raspberries.

SHISHA GREEN GRAPE – Nasty Green Grape Salts is Crisp and sweet green grapes were plucked to make this combination possible. Rich flavours with subtle undertones of sourness for that delicious flavour.

SHISHA LEMON MINT – Nasty Lemon Mint Salts is a Juicy and citrusy lemons blended together with fresh mint leaves and hints of coolness.

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